District working on Major Plan Amendment

The Lower Minnesota River Watershed District is undertaking a major amendment of its Watershed Management Plan in response to 1) requests from the District's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and 2) the updating of water governance documents by most of the municipalities within and adjacent to the District. The Plan amendment will focus on the Standards in Section 3 and the Implementation Program in Section 4 of the current Third Water Management Plan. The Plan amendment process will comply with Minnesota Rules 8410.0140 and Minnesota Statue 103B.231, subdivision 11.

The schedule for the Plan consists of TAC meetings and communications with the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR), as follows. Completed meetings and communications have links to documents that describe the events.

Stakeholder/Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings

BWSR communications

  • Submit Petition with Redline Draft to BWSR for 60-day review: 24 April, 2017
  • Respond to Comments, Host Public Hearing and Update the Plan: June–July 2017
  • Submit Final Draft to BWSR for 90-day Review: August 2017

River Watch needs educator volunteers to lead teams collecting water samples

The Friends of the Minnesota Valley are looking for teachers and administrators to help train, and lead, students monitoring the river's water quality. The Minnesota River watch is to be modeled after a successful program in the Red River Valley. For details of the new watch, see the Friends' fall 2016 newsletter.