December 2005

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Groundwater monitoring strategy proposed

Full text of groundwater report

Spruce Shadows Farm still operating in shadow of Mall of America

The Wildlife Refuge's old Bass Ponds — and new educational venues

Greg Zeck, Editor

Online issue no. 7

Groundwater monitoring

Inquisitive sheep at Bloomington's
lone surviving farm
lower Minn River

In our seventh online quarterly issue, the lead article discusses a recently written proposal for monitoring the water resources in the District. In a tight economic climate, the District and other non-governmental organizations are assuming some of the burden of resource preservation and improvement that was once the responsibility of the state.

History farm

Our historical article, this time around, focuses on what's called the Kelley Farm, or Spruce Shadows Farm, a historic district in the shadow of the Mall of America and, also, of the new Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport north-south runway. Though the founder of the farm, a St. Paul attorney named James E. Kelley, passed away more than 15 years ago, his heirs may not be keen to see the farm itself pass away.

The old Bass Ponds

We also take a look at what's happened, and is happening, at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge in Bloomington — specifically, the moving of the educational venues from the old Bass Ponds to a new facility near Jordan.

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