March 2005 

The District has its roots in dredging

How the Corps of Engineers gets dredging done

Why private industry needs to dredge

Map of lower Minn dredge cuts

Dredge photo album

online issue no. 4 

Welcome to the fourth online number of the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District News.

Unlike our predecessor issues, this one is dedicated to only one issue dredging. 

In 1960 the District was founded, among other reasons, to facilitate the Corps of Engineers' work of dredging the river and thus making commercial navigation possible. 

In the l970s, the Corps was pushed to become more environmentally conscious about how it disposed of the dredged materials.

Today, the District is searching with the Corp for more sites on which to deposit these materials.

Without the work of dredging, the river would fill in and navigation would cease to be possible. The commercial life of the river would be blocked, both literally and figuratively.

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