September 2005

2nd annual Minnesota River tour

River tour photo gallery

Chaska houseboat takes on the Mississippi River

Upcoming District projects: a message from the president

The MPCA's plan for cleaning up the river

The river then and now: the Clean Water Legacy Act

Greg Zeck, Editor

lower Minn RiverOnline issue no. 6

The lead article in this issue is a text and photo essay on the District's second annual tour of the lower Minnesota River. On August 22, the Betsey Northrup debarked from Savage and took more than 130 guests down the Minnesota to the Harriet Island on the Mississippi.

Guests enjoyed a perfect summer day and a river eye's view of the Minnesota — a view they can't get when driving over a river bridge.

A couple of sidebars to this lead article discuss a Chaska father and son's houseboat trip down the Mississippi and upoming projects that the District will be funding.

Not to mention articles on an aggressive new plan for cleaning up the river and pending legislation for monitoring our lakes and streams.

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