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Public input solicited on Water Management Plan amendment continues

The District is in the process of amending its Third Watershed Management Plan (hereinafter "Plan") approved in 2011 and amended in 2015 (see right-hand column). The current amendment process is in response to requests from the District's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to align the Plan with water governance documents in the municipalities within the District and adjacent watershed management organizations. This amendment focuses on the standards in Section 3 and implementation Program in Section 4; it also revises sections with outdated laws and completed projects.

The Draft Plan Amendment is provided below in Sections for review and comments.

Please email your comments, or any questions or concerns, to Linda Loomis (naiadconsulting@gmail.com), Della Schall Young (della@youngecg.com), or Steve Christopher (steve.christopher@state.mn.us).

  1. Executive Summary Draft
  2. Amended Plan, Section 1 Draft
  3. Amended Plan, Section 2 Draft
  4. Amended Plan, Section 3 Draft
  5. Amended Plan, Section 4 Draft
  6. Amended Plan, Section 5 Draft
  7. Amended Plan, Section 6 Draft
  8. Appendix K: Draft Standards

Comments to this point and responses now available

All comments to the Management Plan Amendment received so far — from review agencies, cities, counties, and residents — and the Board's responses to them are now available in this document. The responses may be updated as they are reviewed by legal counsel.

TAC meetings produced documents for Water Management Plan Amendment

The District's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) met this spring to make suggestions for a new Watershed Management Plan and communicate these suggestions to the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR), as follows.

Stakeholder/Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings

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