Water Reports

This page introduces a variety of water reports on our rivers and streams, fens and springs, and lakes. It includes monitoring by the DNR, the Met Council, the University of Minnesota, and Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

Links to the reports are given on the menu at the right. The links lead to sub-pages and from there to the reports (except for the Groundwater levels link, which leads directly to a well map of the District sponsored by the DNR and the U of M.

Dredge material expense and benefit report

In 2016 the Board commissioned a report on the expenses and benefits of dredging the Nine-Mile Navigation Channel. (The report is long, so be patient if you are downloading it.) The author of the report will present his findings, including just who benefits from the dredging and how much, at the December 20 Board meeting at the Carver County Government Center, 602 East 4th Street, Chaska, MN 55318. The report will help the District better allocate expenses to the beneficiaries.

Chaska flood, 1965

Minnesota River flood in Chaska, 1965.

Savage Fen well and instruments

A water monitoring well at Savage Fen, along with a metal measuring tape used to measure the depth to water. Photo courtesy of Jaime Rockney of the Scott Soil and Water Conservation District.